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Driver Service



If you prefer to travel in your own or rental car but need to maximise your time? C.P.S.bvba can offer you a personal driver for the day or more. 

Our drivers are highly-trained, experienced and competant at driving all types of motor car including luxury and high performance cars. 

So why compromise between being there on time and saving yourself precious hours normally swallowed-up stuck in traffic? 

Let our drivers deal with the stress of tailbacks and finding a parking space, while you organise the more important things..

imageYour personal driver any time, anywhere you want.

Take calls or prepare for meetings while your Driver takes care of the details


Turn your car into a mobile office and maximize your productivity on the road


You can hire a personal driver on hourly basis for ; 

- Corporate meetings 

- Company parties 

- Dinner 

- Lunch

- and so much more 

 Contact us and find out how much time and effort we can save you.

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